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RIP Colonel Howard. May your legacy never be forgotten.
7 June 2015

Mart Peter Zadelaar | m~DOT~zadelaar~AT~chello~DOT~nl
I salute you Robert. Old soldiers never die they say, that's why I salute you as you were still with us. I stand at attention out of respect. A Royal Dutch Marine from Holland, Europe
6 June 2015 - Dutch Royal Marine, served in Helmand Province Afghanistan

FARRELL H. SMALL | fsmall1971~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I AM humbled by such MEN .ONLY to be matched by the pride that I feel. KNOWING this is the kind of people our state and country produce . WHERE have people like these gone ? WHERE do we find them ? CAN somebody answer this question?

Mike Jarnevic | michael~DOT~w~DOT~jarnevic~DOT~mil~AT~mail~DOT~mil
Bad Bob was one of my instructors in 3rd Phase of the SFQC in 1983--a legend....
7 May 2015 - Montana

Rex Wilson | wilrexs~AT~aol~DOT~com
I met COL Howard while I was going through the Special Forces Qual Course. I was a senior Captain and Howard was a MAJ in charge of the Robin Sage Graduation Exercise. I was without sleep for several days and directed to see MAJ Howard. He berated me for reportedly failing to follow orders in the play of the exercise. An NCO Cadre I was supposed to Link Up with did not provide the proper signal prior to linkup, so I did not come out of hiding to make the contact. The NCO in question lied about the issue to MAJ Howard. Howard failed me on the final exercise over this issue. Two months later I returned and went through the final exercise again, passing with flying colors and recwived my Green Beret...July 1983
7 May 2015 - Ft Bragg, NC

jeff wallace | jwallaceregina~AT~gmail~DOT~com
8 April 2015 - Canada

Jack Jory, CW4 US Army Retired | jackjory7~AT~comcast~DOT~net
I supported Special Operations Units over the years and have always held these gallant men in high esteem
10 March 2015 - Far East,south east Asia, Europe, United States

Bobby Wingate | mbwingate2~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Outstanding Tribute to Col Howard. Thank You Very Much for Your Time and Dedication to this American Warrior. God Bless Col Howard His Service to Our Country Greatly Appreciated and Never Forgotten.
10 March 2015 - New Castle,DE

Robert Lawing HTCS (SW) USN ret. | robertlawing4769~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I think it is sad that the history of of what a whole generation of U.S. service men went through during the Veit Nam War has got so little recognition.
8 March 2015 - Bremerton Wa.

Don Brunett
RIP to America's best.
6 March 2015

Ranger Daryl West
I served under Captain Howard while I was at Benning in C co 75th Inf. He was an amazing man to work for and to have had the privilege of knowing.
25 February 2015 - Bothell WA.

John Kutney USMC CH46 Crew Chief
A true Hero
21 February 2015

Patrick Luadzers | patrick~DOT~s~DOT~luadzers~DOT~mil~AT~mail~DOT~mil
Robert Howard is a true legend and will always be remembered. I had the unique privilege of sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with COL. Howard in Kuwait, he had nothing but kind words and fantastic advice. Thank you for your outstanding service and rest in peace.
3 February 2015 - Fort Sill, OK

Scott T. Sexton
To me Robert Howard is more than just a hero, brings tears to my eyes to think a man could possess such courage and strength ... simply amazing!
21 January 2015 - Tennessee

Rollie Hubbard | coachman619~AT~gmail~DOT~com
A true american hero
5 January 2015 - United States

SFC. Richard Hines USARMY 1965-1977 | Turpab~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I served with UNCLE. BOB in 2 countries that we were not officially in. Greatest NCO &. MAN I have known in my 67 years on this earth.

28 December 2014 - Indiana

Ryan A. Tran, CPT, 368th MI BN | tran2ryan~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Amazing! Robert L. Howard is truly second to None. HERO.
24 December 2014 - California

SFC Bruce E Donaldson RET Ranger | vietnambiker~AT~aol~DOT~com
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Gone but not forgotten Hooah.
23 December 2014 - Pennsylvania

1SG Joey Welsh USA-Ret | namlrp33~AT~gmail~DOT~com
It's hard to imagine the time I spent during the 18th of Dec, 2009. attempting to produce a video for COL Howard (MOH). If it wasn't for your help with the music, it would have been a lot longer than 14 hours. Thanks. RLTW
21 December 2014 - Texas

Bill Curtiss 5th. SFG RVN 68-69 | wrcsrc~AT~alphacomm~DOT~net
You can visit Col. Howard via video at Many of our friends are there. It is an amazing site, created to honor these fine men past and present.
13 December 2014 - Live in northen Michigan

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