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Scott T. Sexton
To me Robert Howard is more than just a hero, brings tears to my eyes to think a man could possess such courage and strength ... simply amazing!
21 January 2015 - Tennessee

Rollie Hubbard | coachman619~AT~gmail~DOT~com
A true american hero
5 January 2015 - United States

SFC. Richard Hines USARMY 1965-1977 | Turpab~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I served with UNCLE. BOB in 2 countries that we were not officially in. Greatest NCO &. MAN I have known in my 67 years on this earth.

28 December 2014 - Indiana

Ryan A. Tran, CPT, 368th MI BN | tran2ryan~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Amazing! Robert L. Howard is truly second to None. HERO.
24 December 2014 - California

SFC Bruce E Donaldson RET Ranger | vietnambiker~AT~aol~DOT~com
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Gone but not forgotten Hooah.
23 December 2014 - Pennsylvania

1SG Joey Welsh USA-Ret | namlrp33~AT~gmail~DOT~com
It's hard to imagine the time I spent during the 18th of Dec, 2009. attempting to produce a video for COL Howard (MOH). If it wasn't for your help with the music, it would have been a lot longer than 14 hours. Thanks. RLTW
21 December 2014 - Texas

Bill Curtiss 5th. SFG RVN 68-69 | wrcsrc~AT~alphacomm~DOT~net
You can visit Col. Howard via video at Many of our friends are there. It is an amazing site, created to honor these fine men past and present.
13 December 2014 - Live in northen Michigan

R.Hardin | bhardin04~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net
Truly one of America's unsung heroes.
10 November 2014 - United States - Michigan

Paul L. Schoolfield (MSGT USAR Retired) | schoolf~AT~sstelco~DOT~com
A Great Man! One of the Greatest Soldiers of all time! A God loving and God fearing Man!
10 November 2014 - Oklahoma USA

Kim (German) Schiff | kimschiff~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I had the honor of serving under (Uncle Bob) LTC Howard in Stuttgart. He was a wonderful man and loved his troops. No one messed with our office. Now I understand why...glad I was so oblivious though.
6 October 2014 - Seattle

Ryan Browning | browning~DOT~ryan~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Thank you for your service. God bless you and your family for all of your sacrifices.
21 September 2014 - El Gorah, Egypt - TF Sinai

What a hero, both in life and now in memory. Rest in peace and thank you.
16 September 2014 - California

Robert Batson | batson~DOT~robert~AT~gmail~DOT~com
COL Howard is THE representative of the best of the best in any military. His determination, strength of will and deification to his soldiers was incredible and should serve as a role model for all soldiers.
10 August 2014 - Broken Arrow, OK.

ruben guillen | rlguil~AT~att~DOT~net
special forces service, vietnam 1966-1968
22 July 2014 - sacramento, california

Dana Welch | dewelch~AT~ameritech~DOT~net
I too found out about Col. Howard by reading one of Maj. Plaster's books. It is criminal that our nation did not honor this man. Someone needs to write a book about his life. Future generations need to be made aware of his courage. May God bless his family and the United States Military. We owe them a debt we can never repay.
19 July 2014 - United States

Robert Wildes | rowcpa~AT~mindspring~DOT~com
I never heard of Colonel Howard until reading one of Major Plaster's books. It is a shame that more has not been written about this superb soldier and American.
17 June 2014 - Georgia

Robert j. Howard | B-bob~AT~att~DOT~net
Great to see Vietnam solder getting this recognition?
16 June 2014 - Vacaville, Ca.

Glen K. Craig, SF Medic 1965-81 Ret Army 1988 as PA CW-2 | gkcraig~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I am the Editor of the Chapter XVI SFA Newsletter I will be adding Col Howard's Story to our Jul 2014 Newsletter
8 June 2014 - Tacoma, Wa

Rodger Hardy | Rhardy4608~AT~aol~DOT~com
Truly a remarkable man who deserves to be better known for his exceptional heroism. This is the first I have heard of this man and his actions and that speaks for the time of his actions. God bless this brave soldier!
2 June 2014 - Orlando

D Christian Funderburg | christian~DOT~funderburg~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
God Bless all of our heroes in uniform that give the ultimate sacrifice for our Great Nation!! And God Bless men like Bob Howard who just want it a little more than the normal man! God Bless America!! The Home of the BRAVE!!
31 May 2014 - Waitin on Pops to retrn frm Nam, w 5th Marines & cnceve me!!

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