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Lee Drennan
Thank God for people like Howard; we owe our freedom to them.
10 September 2009 - Louisiana, USA

Sam Young Jr. | sam~DOT~young~DOT~jr~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I went through SFQC at Camp MacKall in January 1982 when Major Howard was the Commander of Phase I. After Major Howard led one of many 0400hrs ruck marches where many fell out and I was one of the fortunate few that remained, Major Howard lined us all up and said "I would take a battalion of you soldiers now and dare the North Koreans to cross the DMZ!! They wouldn't stand a chance!" A very proud moment for a 23 y/o lieutenant. The dude is tough who I will always remember and recount the stories that January!!
24 August 2009 - Camp MacKall North Carolina

michael | mslot2078~AT~msn~DOT~com
It just bugs me that when a medal of honor winner passes away,it is not announced in most newspapers/This is just outragous
31 July 2009 - jacobsen

CPT David H willett | TNIRISHDHW~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I remember reading a story in either Soldier of Fortune or Gung Ho about a senior NCO carrying a captured VC on his back for something like a week. The person was a senoir NCO and was promoted to 1st Lt. Col. Howard looks like the person I remember seeing in the photo.
29 July 2009 - Maryland

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