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Craig Hunter | Craig~AT~GoldEventsUSA~DOT~com
Just took a Combat Pistol Class at Gunsite in Paulden, AZ. RangeMaster Walter Wilkinson was in charge and while touring 'The Cooper Home' I asked him his favorite 'thing' in the room. He walked straight over to a picture of Colonel Robert L. Howard holding a 50cal machine gun... told a coupla stories and commented about how simultaneously Awesome & Humble the Colonel was (at the time a Staff Sgt). Wow... one more person to add to my list of 'Never Met and Highly Respect'.
25 November 2013 - Phoenix, AZ

US Army Veteran 65-68 | billnopic~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
God Bless you Colonel!
Where do we find such men.
Duty Honor Country.
24 November 2013 - NJ USA

Rear Admiral James A. Symonds, USN, Retired | symocvn76~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I had the honor of meeting Colonel Howard at a ceremony honoring Medal of Honor recipients in Seattle the year he died. I vowed to tell others about the most decorated military man in our history that very few people know. Now I will at a Veterans Day event at a local high school. May he rest in peace.
6 November 2013 - Chandler, AZ

PO3 william kraemer | giantfan57~AT~aol~DOT~com
thank you sir for all you did for your country and all those you helped
4 November 2013 - spotswood nj

LTC (Ret) William J. Luce Jr. | bill~DOT~luce~AT~gci~DOT~net
Only after a movie has been made of COl Howard's life will the country know the unmatched service to his country this incrediblly tough soldier gave. A living legend throughout my career--From Smoke Bomb Hill to OEF VII he was solid. I never knew a anyone that had his convictions.
1 November 2013 - Palmer, Alaska

HAROLD West | hwest1776~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
He was a truly brave and great warrior. I'm proud to say that he was an American.Rest in Peace you fought the good fight and won.
27 October 2013 - Kansas City,Kansas

I would have liked knowing him,
a true American hero !
22 October 2013 - France

John Richardson | j~DOT~richardson6~AT~tiscali~DOT~co~DOT~uk
What a privilege to hear and learn about an exceptional man,a true Hero and someone to be proud of.
7 October 2013 - England

John Richardson | j~DOT~richardson6~AT~tiscali~DOT~co~DOT~uk
What a privilege to learm about a true hero,an incredible,amazing man
4 October 2013 - Rugeley,England

Greg Christy | gregchristy~AT~gmail~DOT~com
It's a privilege to know Col. Howard's story.
27 September 2013 - Newton, IA

K. Morgan | mydogbuzz~AT~charter~DOT~net
Thank you, Sir.
23 September 2013 - Alabama

Robert Clemons II | robert~DOT~clemons~AT~mavs~DOT~uta~DOT~edu
May God bless you as finally rest and His blessings be graced upon your family, sir. Thank you.
22 September 2013 - Arlington, TX

SFC Ralph E Kelley | ralph~DOT~e~DOT~kelley~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
Served w/then CPT Howard while assigned to 1/29th Inf in 1974. he taught me leadership.
7 September 2013 - Thailand

Bill McGraw | mcgr3799~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
He was a great soldier, one of the many greatest.
2 September 2013 - Mississippi

CW2 John C. Mizzell | mizzej~AT~aol~DOT~com
The way Robert L. Howard was treated was indicative of the way all Vietnam Vets were treated it is just his case was many times worse because of the great sacrifices he made!
31 August 2013 - Alabama

Bronson | bjp103085~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
All though I am not a member of the service, I am thankful for his service and other men and women who severed and fought for the united states of America. I work as a nursing assistant at the newly built veterans home in pell city Alabama, which is named after Col. Robert L. Howard. The Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home in Pell City, Alabama.
28 July 2013 - Pell City, Alabama

rich krupa | herbman1967~AT~reagan~DOT~com
21 July 2013 - us

Gregory Foxx | gregory~DOT~foxx~AT~mail~DOT~com
Robert L. Howard, he was a blessed man. His life story was remarkable, now I want to learn more.
31 May 2013 - Kansas

Sgt. Don Slagle | donslagle95~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
It was my pleasure to serve under you at Ft. Lewis, Wa. in the 2nd. 75th. Infantry Rangers. You were an inspiration to me with you drive on spirit. That same spirit was sent out to those around you and we would have followed you anywhere you asked. God bless you and may you rest in peace.
28 May 2013 - Nashville, Tennessee

Michael Roberts | michrobe777~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Thank god for men like Robert Howard. I wish more people could know about him.
26 May 2013 - Kansas City

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