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CW3 Ronald Zabicki | Ronald~DOT~s~DOT~zabicki~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
It is people like this that made our nation great, but it is a shame that more people don't know about our hero's and the sacrifices they made. RIP COL Howard
23 July 2012 - Chicora, (Butler area) PA

Donald L Satterfield AE-2 1965 Vietnam | sattdon~AT~aol~DOT~com
Thank god for heros like you Sir ! I know Jesus has welcome you with open arms in Heaven. Thank you for your service. May you rest in peace.
22 July 2012 - USA

Dr. Dennis J. Malone | drdjmphd~AT~aol~DOT~com
Colonel Howard, Thank You for your service to our country. God Bless.
You're One of The Greatest Americans!!!
I Served in I Corps with HMM-263, MAG-16, Marble Mountain, Da Nang, RVN 1969-1970
21 July 2012 - Irvine, CA 92620

Charles L. Hallam | Charles~DOT~Hallam~AT~QPDconsulting~DOT~com
Mr. Howard, RIP.
21 July 2012 - Milano, Texas USA

Vince Giaccone | vpgiacc~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Colonel Howard, Thank You for your service to our country. God Bless.
19 July 2012 - Zachary, Louisiana

Frank Westgate | foughtforfreedom~AT~facebook~DOT~com
Hard core dedicated soldier to the Max - Ive seen few like this guy in person - there really to be admire, they motivate the Unit, platoons, battalions, there more understanding to other soldiers, than youd think , without guys like this we defiantly have a lesser military power. Makes me wonder how they get like that? I guess there Choosen from a higher power! Rest in Peace -
2 July 2012 - Yuma,Z

James E Hester | james570~AT~centurytel~DOT~net
As a US Marine in Viet Nam April of 1968 to May of 1969 I am very proud of Colonel Howard as a US fighting man and also a proud Alabamanian. As A country we need to be sure what we are asking of our young people to commit to when the public is not supporting your efforts. I will never forget my homecoming no bands or waving of flags for most Viet Nam Veterans.
14 June 2012 - Greenville Al.

Chick Svoboda | Greenhornet39~AT~aol~DOT~com
Why isn't James P. (Jim) Fleming included in your list of MACV-SOG MoH recipients? We were Air Force, but we, too, were part of SOG, and he won his Medal pulling out six berets!
13 June 2012 - Florida - Former

Dave Barnes | dbarnes~AT~mar~DOT~gd-ots~DOT~com
Thank you Howard for your sevice, a true hero.
13 June 2012 - Marion, Illinois

Larry Bruner | phil42074~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Col Howard, as a fellow veteran and person from Alabama I take great pride in your unselfless and honorable service to our nation.
30 May 2012 - Madison, AL

Ray | Oschool20~AT~ymail~DOT~com
Ive just recently learned about Col. Howard, what a MAN, and what an honorable life. If I could only be a fourth of this great man, how happy I would be. GOD, doesn't make men like the Col. anymore.
23 May 2012 - Indiana

Michael J. Russo | rhuben50~AT~msn~DOT~com
Before such Men every American should take a knee in homage not to the Man but to the American Spirit which He carries.
These Men have shed and shared this Spirit throughout the World showing to the World that America is the Hope and the Promise of all the World!
21 May 2012 - Bayville, New York

Mike Scotto | mikeabn~AT~aol~DOT~com
It was my very great honor to meet him twice-once as a pissed-off 2LT (and he agreed with me!) the second time as a retiree recall O-6. COL Howard LOOKED the part of a Medal of Honor hero. What an honor to meet this unassuming man, one of our Nation's greatest heroes. May God grant that America will always find men and women of his caliber!
17 May 2012 - Ft. Dix, NJ

Steven E. A. Snyder | Ssnyder1363~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
It is because of men like him that make me Proud to be an American. R.I.P Col. Howard.
17 May 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

C/CMSgt Michael Burch | xcloneecko~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
It's people like Robert Howard that make me proud to be joining the military here soon.
10 May 2012 - Fort Hood, TX

Jim Bomgardner | jim_bomgardner~AT~comcast~DOT~net
I made my very small contribution during the Viet Nam era by serving in the USAF and have continued to work for the US DoD as a contractor and interact with our uniformed service members every day. I am constantly grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of these men and women, especially the true heroes like Col. Howard. Thank you all.
6 May 2012 - Baltimore MD

george schumacher | shuhy~AT~hughes~DOT~net
an inspiration to all soldiers....RIP..sir
5 May 2012 - ft. benning

Emory L. Brown III | giltashell~AT~att~DOT~net
I knew and worked with Col. Howard as he continued to serve our country by serving our Nations veterans. I learned a lot from the Col. I am not easily impressed. It took me no time at all to be bowled over by Col. Howard. No metal is good enough to distinguish this man! Col. Howard will always be in my heart and mind. He once told me he will always be with me in spirit, I believe him!
3 May 2012 - San Antonio TX

larry m. martin | lmartin022~AT~triad~DOT~rr~DOT~com
i server with sfc howard at ccc, 1969. there's not another like him
2 May 2012 - mt. airy, nc

Mason Huston
No one can thank you enough for what you did for our country.
25 April 2012 - Oklahoma

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