This site is always so great to read.

Take care


Mike Lavoie


I was in the first Officer and Enlisted class of the Special Forces "Q" Course. Major Howard was the OIC and I have to tell you - we ALL benefited from that experience. Upon garduation, Major Howard called me to the side and said, "Lt King, I understand you are being assigned to the 10th Group at Devens" I acknowledged that I was and he gave me explicit instructions to look up MSG Cavianni (another CMH winner) and to pass on his regards. I assured him I would do so (actually, I was afraid not to, as I was certain the Major would arrive and kick my butt). Later MSG Cavianni and I worked together in the CASMAP facility and we would spend many hours on the subject of Major Howard. I can say that Major Howard was the absolute epitome of the American Soldier and it was an experience I will never forget. The words I remember most from him - "Don't do what you've been told to do... Do what needs to be done." I have those words on the wall in my office - for all to see and understand.

Steve King
Former 10th and 5th SFG (A) member


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Dear Sir, isn't there a book written about Colonel Robert L. Howard his eploits in Vietnam?

Keep up the good work!

GJ Moes, Holland.


I just want to say a long overdue "Thank you!" for your sacrifices to serve this country. My heroes have always been the men and women who served this country without public support during the Vietnam War.  If we never learn anything else as a nation, I hope we have learned NEVER to abandon our troops in battle.

Marianne Fleckenstein
Mason, OH


I enjoyed your site. Next weekend is the Medal of Honor convention in Pueblo, Colorado and my sister and I are attending. Our father, MSGT Charles E. Hosking, Jr. received the MOH posthumously March 21, 1967. In March 2003 a group from "Sons and Daughters in Touch" (we had all lost fathers or husbands in VN) went to Vietnam and went to the sites where our fathers were killed. It was an incredible experience.

Janice H. Brazil


I am very proud to have served in SOG/ CCN 68-69. Bob Howard is the best example of the sort of soldiers we had. As good as they were, we still lost too many of our friends. They'll always be dear to my heart.

Terrance W. Pardee, MSG. Alaska Army Guard, Haines Alaska


SFC Kevin Patton
1st SFG(A)


Thanks for the nice tribute to the men who continue to go un-noticed and gave so much.
My father was Sgt. Major Gerald V. Grant who also served with the OP35 group from MACVSOG.

He was selected to serve in Laos in 1960 with the White Star training Team and served in South East Asia with the 1st, 5th Special Forces Groups and the 46th Special Forces Company, Thailand until 1974.
He to is also mentioned in John Plaster's book as a recipient of the
Distinguished Service Cross for action while operating out of FOB-2 (Kontum) March, 1967.
There is a real good chance that my father may have known or served with Bob Howard.
He passed away June 1999, and is buried in Arlington Nat. Cemetery
Thanks again.

Richard L. Grant


Billy Cason
A-102 & I Corps Mobile Guerilla Force 1966-1967
Great Web Site


I am former Gy/Sgt Ramon R. 'BUTCH' Craig. 1ST Force Recon Vietnam, 65-66. I'm proud to sign your guest book. I worked out of several 'A' camps in the I Corps conducting recon patrols for the camps.


A proud example of American military manhood. You and men like you bring honor and respect to our great nation. God bless you sir.

Thomas Savarino


Among the greatest of men, Col Howard has my utmost respect.

Bill Adams
United States Army Special Forces, Retired
De Oppresso Liber and
In God We Trust



Thank you for your noble service to this great country. Your valorous deeds will never be forgotten. Nor will our POW's who went MIA.

You are a true American hero in that you did what you felt was right and never boasted about it. You have my undying respect and gratitude.

May God bless you and yours.

Semper Fi.

Michael D. Rudolph



whoa..what an awesome example of the best of what a soldier can be. :::::::SALUTE::::::::


I knew Colonel Howard when he was a captain the commander of Charlie company 2/75, and I was in Bravo company. We all thought he was crazy in the way he drove his company to out do the others, but in retrospect I realize he was merely preparing them to do battle.
I also had the honor of having him be in charge of me while I went through Ranger School, class 3-7T and 3-76 (yes it took me 2 tries back to back to get through Ranger school). He was a fine man, hard as nails, and a great warrior. American needs more men like Colonel Howard.

Scott Roder


The Darby Foundation
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Carlos J Melendez

Major U.S. Army (retired)


To a Comrade in arms who I have the privelage of calling a friend and a fellow Ranger Adviser to the South Vietnamese Rangers. BDQ...........

Treasure the memory of this Digger for he proved himself many times over. If you should meet him face to face I know you will never forget it.

A."Robbie" Robinson. DCM BEM.....Australian Army Training Team Vietnam.....(AATTV)

Good Luck Digger. Looked for you at LA. June 2004.


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