Think for a moment what it would like to be confused, ill, depressed, no job, no shelter, no hope, nothing. That pretty much describes the tragic plight of our 500,000 homeless American veterans. Many of these men and women served with distinction, with honor, with courage. They were there when we needed them most to protect our country, our way of life, and now they desperately need us.
Help us help them with your contributions now!
Will Kaiser
American Noble Cause
Joe Goldner
American Noble Cause
fax- 954-530-4467


Capt. Howard was my commanding officer while I was in the C Co 2/75th Inf Rangers and he was a fine officer who cared for his men above all else. We would have followed him to the Gates of Hell if he was leading us.

Steven M. Cornelius
C Co 2/75th Inf Rangers 75-77


This man is the reason that SF has the reputation it does "deeds not words'... pay attention new blood this is how it's done


Cecil E. Ames Jr.
RT Rattler


Jeffrey R Earley, Colonel(retired), U.S. Army 1976-2001.


Very impressive site! I have sent the URL to all my military contacts. I am sure each of them will be as impressed as I was. Thank you for putting this sited together.

Semper Fi



Robert L. Rohrer
125 Juniper Circle
Bermuda Run, North Carolina 27006



Colonel Howard, is now and will always be one of my heroes. I am grateful that our nation can produce such men as him.

SGM Billy Bowles USA-SF (Ret)


It has been a privilege and an honor to read about the very finest that America can produce.

Thank you, you have my deepest respect!
Semper Fi

Ron Jacobs



Ted J. Jockenhoefer
Senior System Analyst
U. S. Army PM AIT
8580 Cinder Bed Road
Suite 1400
Lorton, VA 22079-1442

Phone: (703)339-4400 x 108
FAX: (703)339-4401

Email: Ted.J.Jockenhoefer@us.army.mil
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Thank you, Col. Howard!
Keith Armagost
USAF '63 - '67


Its Memorial Day, 04 and I was just cruising the 75th RGR RGT site to pay my membership and randomly clicked on 'other sites' and yours this was one the first one I saw...Col. Howard, I wish I could have fought along side of you and your men! May you have a safe holiday and God bless you and your family.


Frank Campanaro
B CO 3/75
Operation Just Cause


Colonel Howard, it is an honor to have flown in support of SOG operations in Laos as a Covey OV-10 FAC. The respect that flowed both ways between the most courageous men I ever met, the SF SOG troops, and the USAF FACs who supported them was unique in my experience. Those emergency extracts are permanently burned into my memory. You have my utmost respect to this day. Thank you for all you have done in the service of our nation both on and off the battlefield. May God continue to richly bless you and yours.

Timothy R. Eby
Covey 540
Pleiku, 1970-71


Well Done! Your tribute to Col. Robert L. Howard is terrific.

Jim Meade, Team B-34, 65-66.


Thank you for establishing and maintaining this website in honor of Bob Howard. Well done and informative.

Frank Greco
(MACV/SOG - CCC 1969/70)


Bob Howard was a SOG legend by mid 68 or earlier. I never had the privilege to serve with this great American. I do recall being the COT for A Company, 6th SFGA when the DSC citation was read at Fort Bragg in late 69 to early 70. Having been at Omega and CCS earlier, I could not believe the citation was only for a DSC after it was read. The citation sounded like an obvious Hatchet Force SOG mission, during which a man went well above and beyond the duty of anyone to save his platoon leader and SCU troops that day. The next time I saw Col (Ret.) Robert Howard was in late 72 to early 73 at Fort Benning, GA. He was a Captain, at the time, in charge of the Army Airborne School's ground or tower week. This great American reminds me of SFC Jerry "Maddog" Shriver. No words can do justice for what this man has done for our nation. May God Bless Him and His Family.

Jon C. Potter
SOA 1634 GA


Carmen Annillo Fac Marble mountain, Danang, Vietnam


Great site - great combat soldier ! I served with Bob Howard in Kontum (FOB-2/CCC) in 68'/69' and would like to reestablish contact with him after many years. I understand he is with the VA. Can you provide his coordinates for contact ?? Thanks in advance.

Roger Sherman


From John D. Vecchione '
I met Then Major Howard after being terminated from 2nd phase . I requested to see the Major because I understood that he being a recipient was an Honorable man He agreed to see me and gave me permission to reenter in six months time, as long as I matured in that time . To say That that moment in my life was not only surreal but the fact is that having personally met Bob Howard is a fact and reality I have never fogotten. About 12 years later I was at a 12 step meeting and a young Lieutenant introduced himself as his son after I had Told the story of his fathers and my meeting. the fact is his father apparently had told him briefly of me and the truth is I believe we had actually met when he was younger the proof of this is that Col. Howard had many years ago bought his son a1969 pontiac gto judge. to wrap this up. the day I met the Major he personally showed me his CMH. the point is I am now almost 40 years old. I have schizoaffective disorder and I am a 100% disabled american veteran now. after all these years I did not even Know if my Memories of Bob Howard were even sane and then I saw this site. I don't know if any one will read this or even who, but one name I can Give That only Bob would Know is another green beret who served in Vietnam with him. Former MSG Owles. I hope the Colonel is still alive and if by some fortune he gets news of this, For Personal reasons he just may remember.

Most Repectfully,
John D. Vecchione
950 G Redfield Rd
Bel Air, Md. 21014
410 638 6653


god bless you all and thank you


This is a great site and a great tribute to Bob. I had the pleasure of serving with Bob in CCC. His professionalism cannot be overstated.

Lloyd O'Daniel "Durango"


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