This website is an exceptional tribute to an exceptional American. As B.G. Burkett points out in the book "Stolen Valor," the negative, slanted and outright inaccurate reporting by the print and broadcast media during and after the War in Vietnam, deprived America of its brave and heroic men who served in that conflict.

I had the privilege of attending both the Infantry Officer Basic Course and the Infantry Officers Career Course at Ft. Benning with Bob. He was a consummate professional who set the example for those around him.

This site is a great tribute to Bob and the SF men who served with him, before and after him. Every generation of Americans should be introduced to accomplishments of these men, and the extent of their service and sacrifice for our Country.

History tells us that the valor of soldiers is often unappreciated as the religious poet, Francis Quarles captured in a few simple lines in around 1630:
God and soldiers we like adore
In times of trouble not before
When troubles gone and all things righted
God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.

This site and the people who have visited and signed the guestbook have obviously honored and paid their respect to Bob, and as his granddaughter eloquently expressed her pride in her Grandfather, so do the soldiers who served with him.

John A. Martin, USARA


"Bad Bob" was a positive image and role model. His philosophy during those phase one training sessions to the students was "we can't do it for you...but we'll do it with you". My contact was brief but ever lasting. He made me a better SF soldier.
Paul Gann, 1SG (RET).


It is a tremendous honor to view this web site. I have heard and read many stories about Robert Howard over the years. I am a strong supporter of veterans and especially those of the Special Operations Community. I fully intended to serve my country as a soldier (my goal was to earn the Green Beret). But, the Lord had other plans for me.
I was born nine weeks early which cerebral palsy. But, a physical disability did not stop my mind and human spirit. I have been inspired by Special Operations soldiers and their stories over the years. I am privileged to know many of them personally. At an early age I developed what I call a military mentality. God, may have handed me a physical challenge but He gave me a healthy mind. I am always reminded that the Green Beret uses both physical, and mental abilities to accomplish a mission.
I have overcome a lot using a military mentality (of never quitting or surrendering on the battlefield of life). I am currently a 7th Grade Social Studies teacher in Arizona. When my students ask about heroes, I point to a section of my classroom that is dedicated to the heroes of Special Forces, and Special Operations command. Many of these men I know have sent me encouragement when I have felt like quitting.
I have a best friend in the 19th Special Forces Group who told me it was his honor to present me with his Green Beret. He feels that I embody the spirit of the Green Beret. He always tells me, you are an inspiration because you keep fighting on the battlefield of life not to mention teaching in a classroom. I thank all of the men of Special Forces for their dedication, and service to our nation. I would be honored if any SOG Veterans would like to e-mail me. God Bless Robert Howard and the men of Special Forces.
A grateful American,
Brandon Brewer (Age 28)

Brandon Brewer


I know that Col Howard would not remember me but I served with him at CCC when he was recon 1st Sgt in 1969. I was a Spec 5 TDY from the 1st SFG from April through Oct '69. He made a tremendous impression on me then and I am proud to have served with him. He is truly an american hero!

Great job on the web page.

William H. Bill Smith
United States Air Force


May God bless all those who served and continue to serve our nation and defend our freedom.
Thanks for reminding us.

Phil Rodda
Bend, Oregon


I wanted to thank you for your web page to Col Howard. I enlisted for the Rangers for adventure, but Capt Howard taught me what it meant to be a soldier. If you can imagine what a pfc felt like when his 1st company co was Capt Howard and later he commanded my Ranger school class 3-77t. I can thank that man for everything I am today.

Gary Hamilton(hambone)
A Co wpns plt 1975-1979


Jake Jacobson







I would like to tell you all of a song I wrote it's called "If Iím going down Iím going down fighting" I dedicated it to all of you past and present. My friend manager and ret green beret Steve sent it to Gen Tom Franks who loves it and has become a friend and fan. I just did a tv show segment where I did that song. I said before I sang the song, this song is dedicated to the special forces for you see one of them is a friend who is closer then a brother. In fact I consider all special forces my brothers, and I said this song is also dedicated to all military personal. I then told how a flag I was given that day was from a casket of a soldier who won the Silver Star and Purple Heart on Pork Chop Hill in Korea and how he was the only man from his unit to come off that hill alive. Then I paused and said I wonder how many people walked by this man in life and knew of his service and did not look him in the eye and say thank you for your service. I said we needed to do that for all our vets and present duty men and women so I say to each and every one of you thank you for serving. If you would like information on song or my bio contact cwosteve50@hotmail.com. God bless each and every one of you !!!!

Mark E. Beard, College Park , Md USA -


Well done!

Their service to our country is appreciated.

Mark M.
Atlanta, GA


Until tonight I have neither seen nor heard anything about "Major" Howard since I got out of the Q-Course 20 years ago. Yet I have often thought of the handful of soldiers who have influenced me greatly - soldiers who made a lasting impression.
Colonel Howard is one.

Marc Schifanelli


Hi from New Zealand.

I am an Australian Army veteran of the Vietnam War (Special "Tunnel Rat" teams), and I greatly appreciate this website.........just great, and just too. Robert, we had some correspondence a few years ago, and you also sent me a few of your poems, which I still have. I was a friend of the late Colonel George Morton, and am sure you knew him too. I continue to have contact with his widow. I do not know if this is an appropriate place, but will ask anyway. In connection with an historical project, which is also a hobby of mine I would very much like to make contact with one or two U.S. Special Forces veterans who served in Laos in the very early part of the 1960`s, and before Vietnam became the topic. Are you able to help me in any way? Hope to have a reply when ever you may have the time.
All best wishes from New Zealand where I now live.

Carlo E. Mikkelsen.
2/63 Chartwell Ave
Glenfield, Auckland 1310
New Zealand


David K. Frank, Ranger Class 1-77...met then Maj. Howard when I went through Mountain Phase of Ranger Training.


My greatest honor and pride in life is having served with (then) Major Howard who was my OIC at Camp MacKall, class 7-81.
God created such men to teach the rest of us humility.

Jim Davis


A wonderful site, to a legend. I never heard of Col. Howard before reading John L. Plaster's "SOG". It is amazing to read about such feats of daring and by the SOG individuals who performed them, even when the odds were stacked largely against them from the outset. They are heros and should never be forgotten for their bravery.

SOG fan


I was pleased to serve with then Captain Howard at the 2/75th Ranger Bat. when he was commander of Co A. I was there in 75-77. He impressed me with the fact that he was always a regular guy and always had time for the average grunts.

Richard Dow
E-4, Company B, 2nd Plt.


Bob Howard is one of the most gentle, kind gentlemen I have ever had the privilege to know and work with.

This is an extremely nice and informative site and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Bob.

He is so quiet about his achievements, in fact he won't speak of them to anyone.

It is an extreme honor to know him.

Judy Fort
San Antonio, TX


This website has brought tears of joy to my eyes. Col. Robert L. Howard is my grandfather and my hero as well. I am a 20 year old college student and realize that children today idolize the wrong heroes. Growing up I never understood why none of my history teachers knew who my Grandpa is. This website is a blessing not only to my family and I, but I hope it inspires others to research and learn of this country's TRUE heroes. I am thankful there are still those who recognize people like my grandfather and dedicate their time to letting the public know the dedication of the soldiers of Vietnam. Thank you to all who have served for our country. May the Lord bless you and your families. I love you dearly Grandpa Howard!

Victoria (Tori) Gentsch
Waco, TX


Greetings Neil:
Finally, Col. Bob Howard, MOH, an honest and humble "Soldier's Soldier" has been honored on this fine site in a fashion that befits his life; his DEEDS, combat and civilian are the subjects of conversation and comments, NOT self-authored/self-flattering verbiage like a few other "most decorated..." media "stars" that you and I have seen/heard/read about from time to time.

At MACV-SOG (CCC), then Captain Howard was Recon Company Commander and I, like all the other men, felt privileged to be under his most able command. "Our" C.O. was/is/and always will be, the consumate;"Quiet Professional".

Take care and I thank you for the classy site.

Brendan "Ben" Lyons, USA-SF (Ret)


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