You may not remember me but we served together in the 6th special Forces Group back in the early 60's. I worked in the motor pool. My name is Arthur Satterfield. We also served together in IMA in the 70's. I worked in the office of logistics. Just wanted to say Hello.

Arthur Satterfield, SGM, Ret.


Appreciate the site, good work

SFC Darryl B. Steadman


Knew (then) Major Howard at Camp McKall back in the 80ís, one of the most inspirational leaders I ever met in my 10 years with SF. Keep up the great site!

Steven Vitarius
Deputy Director
Vance International de Mexico
(52) 55-5514-2044


Thanks for the great site dedicated to Mr. Howard.

Sincerely, Brad Lowe


Dear Colonel Howard,

Great website! Proud to have served under you in VII Corps Special Troops Battalion.



Robert H. Rea, Jr.
formerly G3, Ops, EWO



I had the great honor of briefly serving with then Captain Howard, when I left HHC, 5th SF and joined the newly formed 2nd Ranger Battalion, in March 1975. I was paired with him later for scoring on the M-16 qualification range and found out what a great soldier's soldier he was. He was truely a great guy.

I recently spoke to him via email and just as I expected, he is still serving his fellow soldier.

Good luck to Colonel Howard in the future. May he live long and enjoy life to the fullest.

Great site also Neil!

Sergeant Jim Foster
U.S. Army Retired


Thank You and all those who have kept us free! 

Hala L. Pilon


Hi Neil, I realize that this is the second note today, but, having gone the extra mile to review all the new stuff, I wanted to tell you once again that you have one of the most exciting sites in cyberspace today. It improves each time that I visit.

It is very well done, and serves as a shrine to some of the finest men that America has ever produced. THIS is only fair justice to earlier heros of mine and some of the best men that I have had the honor and distinction to have served with.

Take care, stay safe, keep smiling, happy hunting, and may the Good Lord keep a watchful eye over you and yours...........Ringo
Then I heard the Lord saying: "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" and I said, "Here am I, send me!". Isaiah 6:8....Ringo

Jim Ringland, CCNCCC@aol.com
First Sergeant, USSF/SO (Ret)
White Star
ST New Jersey


 I had the pleasure of seeing Col. Howard when he came to our Bn. formation at Camp Hovey, So. Korea. But the thing that bothered me was the lack of Proper History known by my superiors and subordinates alike. The intro given by my Bn. Commander for Col. Howard did not do him justice, it was like he had just found out about the Col. 5 mins before the formation. For that Col. Howard I am sorry.

The next day the soldiers in my Company was read "The Pale Blue Ribbon" chapter of SOG so they would know who they visited by the day prior.

Now I'm at ANCOC and I'm trying to write a history paper and give a brief and I was given permission to do it on a person instead of a battle. I'm trying my damnedist to gather info except for SOG and a couple of magazine and newspaper articles there is nothing on Col. Howard. I'm trying to get my info from the library and history department at Building 4 at Ft. Benning Ga. and they don't have shit.

If anyone has info or different references that what I have please contact me at chipdaman13@aol.com or you can call me at (254)238-1148 in the evenings. I'm trying not to let this mans story go unheard. If you can be of any help please contact.

Col. Howard thanks for signing my book.

SFC Thomas Chipman


Capt. Howard was my Company Commander for A Co. 2/75th during the mid 70's. He was a very impressive individual that had the utmost leadership skills. I would like to see a book done on his life.

Wayne J. Beals

Wpns Plt A Co. 2 Bn. (Rangers) 75th INF.


A wonderful web site about a true hero.

James Hodges


Just wanted to say that you have a very nice site on him. I served
under him in 1983 when I first joined the Army. Visited with him again in 91 and just recently in D.C. two weeks ago :-)

Paula Slater
Golden Skate


Just a note of thanks for presenting this fine tribute to one of the true legends of the Vietnam War. It's men like Howard and those now serving that allow us to enjoy the freedoms we now sometimes take for granted.

RW http://www.lcompanyranger.com/



I was very moved and touched by this web site for our countries finest.

Thank you for taking the time to make a place for them to be remembered and not forgotten. May no one ever be forgotten who has served our great nation.

It is men like these that allow us to walk in Freedom each day.

God bless them, their families and loved ones.

Melinda Totten Crowder


CPT. Robert L. Howard was my Company Commander in Charlie Ranger @ Fort Benning in 1974. As a young aspiring Ranger, he was my hero then and is still today. My fondest memories are of those daily and sometimes twice daily long --and I mean long runs he use to take us on around the Harmony Church Area. He was a great soldier and I am proud to say that I served with him.

Best regards,

Roger Brackett
Manchester, GA


I'd like to thank you for the message in Jinks' Heroes page and congratulate you on the wonderful page you made for Robert Howard. It's especially important to get these tributes out in the public now for all to see and remember why our men and women are in the gulf and what they give up to defend our country and freedom. I'm adding your link to my own page....Tributes to America.... I wish I could more. Tributes to America We may not agree with our President and his policies right now but we have to stand united and support the USA... Joanne


Magnificent graphics and display.



C.J. DuShane, Ellerslie,GA.
Airborne Ground Committee 1970-74
Vietnam 63, 65-66, 69-70


Thank you for this small tribute to those who have done so much for we of the United States of America

Daniel Considine


To Whom it may concern:

This site gets better every time I visit it. A friend of mine Jari Salo, of Finland, asked me to check it out because of Larry Torni's Knife.

Neil, you have created something classified in the UNIQUE category. Congratulations, and keep up the outstanding work. There is a time in each man's life that he must stand up and be accounted for, and you will have no problem whatsoever, when it is your turn. Just as the men you have depicted in your site.

De Oppresso Liber, Kimosabe.

Jim Ringland
First Sergeant (Retired) (1950-1976)
US Special Forces/ Special Operations
D571L & 1498GL
White Star
FOB1, RT New Jersey
FOB2, Operations/Security

Take care, stay safe, keep smiling, happy hunting, and may the Good Lord keep a watchful eye over you and yours...........
Then I heard the Lord saying: "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" and I said, "Here am I, send me!". Isaiah 6:8
Jim Ringland


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