I WILL BE SURE ALWAYS! parachute riggers motto

Bless you and you're family,, 
Roman Cassius Crouch "mouse" 
my son; MARINE 
my bro; MARINE 
my country USA 


You have a great website about a hero that we can all look up to. Our youth need to know about these kind of heroes. I have always had trouble with people calling someone a hero because he could throw a football or hit a baseball better than anyone else. Sure they may be great athletes, but that does not compare to what our true heroes do in situations where they may be killed in action. I served with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam in 1970 as a light weapons infantryman and learned what it is like to be in firefights. That may be why I get very emotional when I see someone who has earned the Medal Of Honor. Keep up the good work!
Garry Bruckner
D 2/8, 1st Cavalry Division, (Airmobile) Vietnam 1970


Was ASA and served with 10th SFG at Ft. Devens... 72-75; became best friends with SFC. David (Fearless) Fernea, and MSG (SGT at the time) Santos Matos. Some of the best, what an Honor.

Thomas Tew


John M. Woodham




Great tribute to a great soldier. RLH was my company commander in the 2d Battalion (Ranger) 75th Infantry, at Fort Lewis WA during the early days. Thanks for the page. RLTW!

CSM Jeff Mellinger


Served as Yellow Lead of 57th AHC in support of CCC. Also attended IOAC with Bob. A privilege to know him. 

Tony Thompson 
LTC (ret) 


I just checked your site out. Thought I'd let you know I enjoyed it. Thanks.
SFC Newton




Was just sent this website. Have often wondered what happened to this great soldier. Lost contact with him in 1982, back when he was a Major at Camp McCall (sp).
Was curious if you could tell me his present location.

MAJ Ray Simpson
Battalion Executive Officer
Auburn University
(334) 844-5643


Congratulations on an OUTSTANDING tribute to a true American hero Robert L. Howard. I read about him in John Plaster's book 'SOG' and have since had the extreme honor of communicating with him through email. Even though he is currently far from his home base he 'still' serving his country and helping veterans in Korea. He has said on many occasions that his 'number one priority is making sure veterans get the medical care and attention they need. After all he has done for this great country, he is a tireless advocate for the veteran. I think that says it all about a great man and soldier. I too am a VA patient/employee and try to carry the same spirit - helping the veteran. I pass this spirit on to other VA employees I work with
~ that is why 'we' are here. 

Larry Foster
1st Battalion 9th Marines


Neil, This is one of the most outstanding jobs I have seen. You deserve a BIG Hand for letting us know how Great of a Man Robert Howard was and is. I am older than Bob. I went into the Navy in Jan. 1951, Bob was in the 6th grade, but I enjoy reading about ROBERT HOWARD.

Thanks for a GREAT JOB.

Henry J. Stern
Opelika, Al.


A real warrior.
One of the best men I ever worked for.

James P. Realini
"Don't Panic."


Thanks for a great tribute for a remarkable soldier. I have a letter of commendation signed by, then Major Howard designating me as the "Distinguished NCO" of my Phase I SFQC course. It means more to me than my SFQC diploma. He also graded one of my patrols (I passed) while I was a young PFC in Ranger School in the mid-70s. He was a wealth of information and a rock of support to an aspiring, young Special Operations soldier! I count myself privileged to have met this outstanding soldier.

Dan Geiger


Whom ever created the website, many thanks. It is very good, and granted, many of our heroes of Vietnam are not, and have not been truly recognized, and for this, it is a crying ass shame.

I have served with Bob Howard over the years, to include FOB2. I have always known him to be a very courageous, loyal, and humble man. 

The last time we encountered each other was in 1968, at FOB2. Bob issued my the very same .45 pistol that I had carried at FOB1, the year before.....my favorite Remington.....Best wishes to all, and to all.....God's Speed.....Ringo Sends

Take care, stay safe, keep smiling, happy hunting, and may the Good Lord keep a watchful eye over you and yours.....Jim 


Hi Neil,

Great site. I worked for Col. Howard with the SF Det from 88 to 90. I was the team's military rigger/FAA master rigger 1st tour 84' to 85'. Col. Howard came walking into the team house in greens and cost me a case of beer. He was the first CMOH I'd seen in my 20+ years of svc. He was a soldier all the way no gloss didn't need it. Just a soldier. We became friends before I retired in nov 91, also Col. Robert Lewis Howard is the first and only parachute rigger graduate the U.S. Army has ever had to date who won the CMOH - and I'm proud to say I packed his chute while on the Det. God bless men like Col. Howard. May he live to be a hundred.

Airborne All The Way 
I salute you sir.

SFC. (ret) R. Dean Godby


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your website.
God Bless men like Col. Howard.

SPC. Watson


Many SF soldiers served with this great American hero or went through Camp Mackall and were exposed to this real man among men. I am sure that the present day SF soldier has some lineage to follow from Col. Robert L. Howard presence and guidance. He never boasted nor used his decorations for his own personal gain. He was always, just himself.

Stories were abound from Camp Mackall that this great soldier was on every run and rucksack march in every class that was under his command. Truely, he was a man that said, follow me...and meant it!

Neil, you have done, not only for COL Howard, but for every Special Forces soldier that ever wore a green beret or will wear one in some time in the future. I was at Ft. Bragg attending a function and Maj Howard was present, I was humbled to be in the same room.

Robert (Chappy) Chaplin, Sr.
SGM (Ret)
ODA-502     Camp Trung Dung
ODA-322     Camp Katum
B-50             Omega Project
B-55             Mike Force 


I was referred to your site by a gentleman who is another of the many heroes who have worn the Green Beret...and a good friend of mine...Major John Cleckner, AUS (retired). I salute you for your heroism Col. Howard. I have driven through your home town of Opelika...in 1997 on my way from Atlanta to DeFuniak Springs, FL. I went to visit the mother of one of my patrol officers who was KIA 35 years ago TODAY (7JUL1967) during a blocking force mission in the Long Toan Secret Zone in IV Corp. On my return to Atlanta, I visited the hallowed ground at Fort Benning and picked up some items for John. I would have loved to have served with you or backed you up on an insert/extract mission. 
I wish you the very best. God Bless America

Ken Delfino
QM3, USN (ret)
PBR 152/River Division 533/TF-116


I can only speak for myself, but I am sure most Special Forces Veterans feel the same as I do, Bob Howard was and is our Hero. I have a couple more, but Bob is right up there on top. His courage and heroism is legendary and I feel as most do that somehow someway we must make this man's commitment and actions available to all Americans and show them just what one man did in serving his country and his sacrifices for Duty Honor God and Country.

I hope everyone who sees this Website will write someone in Congress or the President to have Bob recognized as a National Hero. I am certainly going to send it to everyone I know.

John E. Cleckner Sr.
Major, United States Army Special Forces Retired
Redding, CA


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