Col. Howard,
I have heard a lot about you from the guys in SFA Chapter 33 and, The " John Wayne Memorial Chapter in PC., Fla. You are especially respected by Rick Hughes.
Lee R. Ferrell, SSgt USAF Ret.
Defensor Fortis 


Thanks, Neil. This is a great site and is a tribute to all Special
Forces members past and present.

Chuck James - SFGA Chapter 33


my name is suzette majure donovan, and i just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for our country. my father, 1st Lt. Eugene Majure, also fought in vietnam and did not return home. i think all of you men and women who were there deserve the best of everything. thank you so much for fighting for everything that i was taught to believe in. 

suzette m. donovan 


Thank you for your dedication to our country, your fellow Special Forces, Rangers, Pathfinders and Airborne Soldiers will not forget.


Excellent webpage. The UTMOST respect to all the older Green Berets from a very thankful younger one.

Billy Hoopes

SFC William C. Hoopes
BUD/S (2nd Phase)
Navy Special Warfare Center
San Diego, Ca 92155
DSN 577.3638
COM 619.437.3638
FAX 619.437.5006


I wanted to leave a message on your Guestbook, letting you know that your website was nominated for an award. I was my pleasure to check out your website and recommend that your site recieves the honor of this award. Thank you for all your wonderful work and for sharing the story of Robert and others on your webpages.... 

Rev. Bill McDonald
The Vietnam Experience www.vietnamexp.com


I served with both Fred and Bob in Kontum 1967-1968. Bob hadn't received the medal yet, but one day he told me that he was going to win it. I reminded him that most MOH's were awarded posthumously. They were both great soldiers and good friends. Glad to see someone take an interest in the almost forgotten.

Ron Hoffman


An excellent portrayal. 

Cliff Barnhill, CSM (Ret) 


A fitting tribute to Frank Miller and as well as the other brave soldiers of MACSOG and the Vietnam era. As an Operations Sergeant in MACSOG, OP-35 during this period, I am familiar with the actions of Frank Miller and Fred Zabotisky which merited them the award of the CMH. Both men represent the excellence of soldiering. I am proud to have served in the same unit as these two brave individuals.

Sergeant Major (Ret) Charles C. Henderson Operations Sergeant OP-35 (Shining Brass and Prairie Fire) Oct - 1966 thru Aug 1968.


Neil -- Great web site dedicated to one of our great heroes!! I flew with the 189th and 119th AHC's is support of SOG out of FOB 2 south of Kontum -- November 67 - January 68 and remember the incredible work they did. Many memories of flying in to Laos and Cambodia to insert teams and usually pulled them out under fire - I was shot down December 12th 1967 trying to pull one of those teams out. Bob Howard was one of the best but many others were also very brave and committed to the mission of SOG. Glad to see this site. I have a copy of John Plaster's book - "SOG The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam" and his book "SOG A Photo History of The Secret Wars." You may find my account of the Easter Offensive 1972 - Battle of Kontum interesting. 

Jack Heslin -- www.thebattleofkontum.com 


Like a lot of others, I only knew him by reputation. I regret it was not personal. 

Dee Con Christensen, 8 SFG Panama 65-67, 5th SFG Vietnam 67-68


I had the honor of serving with Captain Howard shortly at Kontum before he was reassigned to get his MOH and again as NCOIC of the Goat Lab while then Major Howard was S-3 of Training Group. 

I have often told my children about him and I was a better man and soldier for knowing him.  I would enjoy hearing from other SF or former SOG members.

Allan R. Hoffman, MSG retired. 


Bill Davis


My honor and respect

Robert W Wolters MD
USAF Flight Surgeon - Udorn 10/72-10/73


Nicely done Neil, very informative. 




Great Website. Bob Howard was/is a great man, a true hero, a great friend. Also great to see many of my brothers signing your guestbook.


Toby Todd
RT California 


That you accomplished that mission and lived is and was amazing. 
Hope to see you in Bragg.

Red Davis, (M.T.)


Outstanding site dedicated to an outstanding man! Thanks! MACSOG's backdoor was Naked Fanny, commanded by Bill Shelton who has a web page on the NKP Site dedicated to those who did not return home. A memorial is being built at Nakhon Phanom to the Americans lost in SEA and will be dedicated by General Heinie Aderholt who began the Air Commandos and commanded the 56th Air Commando Wing/56th Special Operations Wing located there.
There is also a reunion being held in Bangkok for Air America, CASI, Air Commandos and anyone else who would like to attend prior to heading up to NKP. Anyone interested check the web site:
http://www.thaitourism.com/sea2002/index-nkp-days.html An event not to miss if you are considering a return to SEA - make it on this one!

Thanks for building such an outstanding site!

John Sweet
56th Special Operations Wing
Tactical Units Operations Center
Nakhon Phanom "Naked Fanny" 69-70
Air Commando Assoc. # 2924
Nakhon Phanom During The Secret War


Knowing men like Robert Howard have served with us, is a Great privilege. To him, and all our comrades, I say: "A job well done" and may God Bless and keep you all"

John Fryer


Feel that this is a really well done web site and should be highly disseminated. 
Thanks for the effort.

Walter M. Hetzler


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