Congratulations to Bob Howard on a job well done! He makes me proud to also have served in Special Forces. 

Victor C. Underwood, DSC
MSG Retired



You are making a great contribution to the spirit of Special Forces by honoring Col Howard the SF SOLDIER with your website. I am glad you dedicated it to the Nung and Montagnard that were soldiers employed by SF and SOG. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. I am sure the Special Forces warrior spirit of Bob Howard IS an inspiration to our Special Forces Soldiers who are Smoking the Afghan Taliban today.

Eulis Presley 



Thanks for all your hard work. You've created something special to honor some of our greatest heroes.

Rich Ryan
CCC, Kontum, RVN
RT Ohio, Co. 'B"


Good work, Neil. Enjoyed the site. A moving tribute.



This is a site that the world should see.

Joseph J. Ogershok, Jr. 


I met Bob Howard at CCC (Kontum) in 1971 when he had returned to Viet Nam. Since then I have Seen and talked to him at the Medal of Honor reunion in Pueblo Colorado. Yes, he was and still is one hell of a soldier. Less we never forget
Thanks for a great site

Joe Paris RT Wyoming CCC


This is a great site and a wonderful tribute to an American hero,
Ranger, 1st Lt. Robert L. Howard, I salute you.

Robert E. Passanisi, Historian
Merrill's Marauders Association


I went through Infantry Officers Basic Course at Ft Benning in1969/70 with Bob. He is really a great guy who never tried to take advantage of his background. To me that is the mark of a true hero. I am honored to know him and thankful for soldiers like him.



A very nice tribute. Many of us from the "old days" of 1964 to 1968 are forgotten. I served in 1966-67 when SOG was not even mentioned. I am proud and honored to have served with such a great group of guys. Honor, Integrity and Pride, our way of life. We were REAL HIPpies!

SFC William "DOC" Bell
US ARMY 35H40 (Electronic Intel) assigned to Team 04, MACV-SOG (then called Special Operations Group) 1966-67
The nickname "DOC" was given to me as I was a First Aid Specialist in "the world" before I joined up in February 1966.
May Honor never fail
May Integrity always shine
May Pride in our actions follow us unto the grave.
HIPpies and proud of it!

Bill DOC Bell SFC-Team 04 MACV-SOG
Grant FL 32949
321-956-0345 fax


Great site. Definitely a "sharer" with others.

Ray White

"If nothing goes wrong - it can't be right."


I met Major Howard while attending the "Q" course in 1981. He was the real Special Forces soldier. He had experienced and lived the life we only could read and dream about. He set such a high standard for all of us to try to achieve. He kept control of the young and sometimes immature cadre at Camp McKall at that time. He and I had numerous talks while I attended Phase I. Major Howard left an impression on all he came in contact with. It was a pleasure serving in the same unit with a man of his caliber. I wish him well in all he does.

Terry R. Hunsicker
SF, Retired


I went through the "Q" course when MAJ Howard ran Camp Mackall, now that beat selection any day!!
I did not mention it, or didn't think of it until I viewed the guest book, but you are correct, he was a man that did more than most men alive and lived to tell about it. I have seen him a couple of times (Q course, 5th SFGA xmas party and a couple of different occasions) I still have the deepest respect and am still in awe of this soldier. When I came to SF he made a lasting impression of an SF soldier to me. I hope he fares well. With the events ongoing, I know SF will carry out their missions with the utmost of heritage and duty.

MSG (RET) Bob Glebus


Bob Howard epitomized the Special Forces, Airborne spirit. He was a genuine "quiet professional".
Your work in putting together this web site is certainly appreciated, especially those from Bob's era.

Bud McBroom


As a World War II combat veteran who served in the same battalion as your father, I want to complement you on creating a magnificent website. Not only do you honor Robert L. Howard, obviously a great American, but you also recall to our memory three other Medal of Honor winners and the contribution of all of those who served honorably and courageously in the Vietnam War. Pro Deus et Pro Patria!

Francis (Frank) Neuwirth
821st Tank Destroyer Battalion (WW 2) 


I served with Robert Howard when he was the executive officer and the commanding officer of Recon Company. At that time, I was the team leader of RT New Mexico. I consider him to be one of the finest officers that I ever served with, Bob is a soldiers soldier and a mans man. He is indeed the real deal and I feel honored to have served with him.

Richard H. McNatt (Dick)


Great web site, keep up the outstanding work, would like to see more added to it, plan to keep it handy, was sent to me by a good special forces brother.

Pete Estrada MSG US Army Special Forces Retired
Bandera, Texas


A great tribute to a great warrior, it's a shame military people like Robert and others like him are not brought to the public attention in a manner they would never be forgotten. But you find most ex-military personal that stepped above the bar in their performance of duty are very quiet about their past and yet these are the hero's the kids of today should be looking up to.  As a good number of our sports and movie hero's of today don't set a good standard to follow.

Russell E. Maxwell SR.
Korean Vet.


I do not recall Col. Howard from Special Forces, but sometimes people slip by. I spent l5 years in SF from the original 10th, 1st,7th,77th,46th,and retired in l968. It is possible we passed in the night somewhere.

Dick Shev D31


Neil, you have made a fine tribute to The Best of the Best in Special Forces. Bob is still serving his country and his Brothers in Arms thru the Veterans Administration in Korea. You have worked very hard and the Excellence of your work should be viewed by as many Individuals as possible...Class AAA Site. De Oppresso Liber Neil   Jerry "Lightning"

Jerry Foreman
Office of Veterans Affairs
County Emergency Services Coordinator
205 East Jefferson, Box #13
Hamburg, AR 71646
(870) 853-2070 eml: lepc@cei,net


Enough can't be said for these men you are honoring on your site.
You have done a very professional job and are to be commended.
Thanks, Frank

Frank Rickard

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