Outstanding tribute to a great man and soldier. I enjoyed my visit very much. Jim



James L Norment Jr.


For: LTC Jay M. Berman, Retired (deceased 1991). My father served with MACV-SOG a number of times though we are having difficulty truly finding out in what capacity. We know he was a career counter-intelligence officer, but beyond that, the trail has grown cold. We have a South Vietnam medal of his which we believe is for gallantry, but he does not, in his official records, have a corresponding US medal.
Thank you for putting this website up.

Kevin J. Berman
10109 Dorchester Ct.
Clarkston, MI 48348


Hello, It would be such a honor to meet Mr. Howard. I'm reading Secret Commandos at this time. I also served during the Vietnam Era, but not in country. I live in Indianapolis Indiana where the Medal of Honor wall is located. I've taken all my children, and ran into Sammy L. Davis at the wall on the day of re dedication. What a honor. Sir you are an inspiration to my self and my children. Thank You.

Charles K. Mitchell


I first met Bob Howard when I drew my material from the supply room. He was E-7 working in supply always wanting to go out in missions. He was very courageous. It was my pleasure to know him even though he does not remember me. I was 10 of RT Hawaii and 11 of RT Colorado FOB 2.

"Pullman" (Covey Rider)
(RET) MSGT Frederick A. Crane


Outstanding web site. It's way past time the true stories about men like Col. Robert Howard are told. They are truly an inspiration.
Thank you,

Shelby G. Spires


Col. Howard. I would like to thank you for your service to our great nation. I would also like to thank you for demonstrating to all of us your bravery, courage and intrepidity in the face of the numerous odds against you in the battles you have fought. And, finally, I am quite honored you were our last company commander in Charlie Rangers.
Kudos also to the webmaster here!

Garry R Norsworthy
Slackman Ranger TM 11
Charlie Rangers


SEMPER FI Brother. Vietnam 1963

John Gariano


John W Turner, Hm2, (2/1/1 Mar Div) '67-68


I had the privilege of working with Colonel Howard at the Frank Tejeda Veteran's clinic. He is one of the most humble men I have met. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with him. Sir, I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Malisa Wilkins


I served in the 2nd bn while he was co commander of charlie co, and then had the honor of having him as training officer through ranger school. I have alot of admiration for this man.

Sgt James Winslow (Ranger) 74-77


Just a friend and former co-worker, who is very proud to have worked with Mr. Howard.

Larry C. Meador Jr.
Supervisor, Appeals Section
Department of Veterans Affairs
Houston Regional Office


My name is Jon Gowin and I served under (then Captain) Robert Howard in the mid 1970's at Fort Benning. This was "C" Company Rangers, 1st of the 29th infantry.


De Oppresso Liber

Jari Salo



Great web site!
As we fight the terrorist threat throughout the World today we need to recognize men like Colonel Howard who are truly "GREAT AMERICANS". I salute Mr. Howard, and hope every American will know some day his great courage in the face of battle.

Fred M Beel sp/4
J3-Psyop Div.


I have lived in the Opelika-Auburn area for most of my life and knew about Col. Robert L. Howard. I wish he received more recognition for his service to our country. I wish heroes like him could receive more than one MOH. In this case I think it is definitely deserved. I also wish there wasn't so much red tape involved in an MOH citation.

Col. Howard I thank you for your service to our country, your honor and your bravery. Now I get to thank your son for being willing to serve also. Godspeed to your son and may God bless him and protect him when he's in harm's way.

We are very proud of both father and son.

Oh and hello James nice to see ya signed the guest book. :-)

Please support and pray for our troops wherever they may be.



I have lived in Auburn, Al., next door to Opelika, Al. for the last two years. I am a native of Alabama and have lived all my life in Alabama except for the period 1948-1952 during the time I was in the Navy.

I received the Opelika-Auburn News today and noticed the story regarding Col. Howard speaking today at Ft. Benning at his son's graduation.

I have never read a single article in any magazine or newspaper about Col. Howard. I wonder why more publicity has not been given to this great hero?

James Minor


Our nation owes our MOH recipients a debt it can never repay. We owe it
to these heroes to never forget!

Gordon T. Austin CAPT DC USN
Reserve Officers Association
Georgia Dept President 2004-2005
National Dental Surgeon 2002-2005
Committee on Roles and Missions 2005-2008


W.G. Rogers


Colonel Robert L. Howard,
Thank you for making the USA the best place in the world to live. God Bless You.

Scott Miller
VP, Sales & Marketing
Freedom CAD Services


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