We must not forget.

Dr. George F Mansur


Former Sgt. Charles M. Bielecki, veteran of the 11th Airborne Division and 31st Infantry Regt. Korean War and Chosin Res.. Nov. 1950 ......squad leader and Plt. Sgt. 2nd Plt. Item Company 31st Inf.


Long overdue. Many thanks….


Randy Markel
MSG, USA (Ret)



I was pleased and impressed with this site. Robert Howard should be taught in schools in America. He is a great American.

John Fitzgerald
173rd RVN 65


I recently read Captain Plaster's wonderful book about the Green Berets in Viet Nam and his amazing account of Colonel Howard made me want to learn more about this most unique individual. Thanks for a great website and if you ever forward messages to Colonel Howard, please send him our highest regards and appreciation for his incomparable willingness to sacrifice, his selflessness, and his fearlessness. What an outstanding legacy he has left for all Americans.
Thanks again.
Kyle Lobley


Thank God for Col. Howard and all others who have been willing to risk all to preserve and extend liberty to all people.
Fourth of July, 2006
Rev. Jean Throckmorton

Jean H. Throckmorton


Thanks for your service gentlemen.

Michael Flannery USMC 1st Marine Div FMC Pacific Vietnam 1966-67


Having just reviewed your site I'm deeply impressed with the individuals who received the MOH and agree that very little is done to honor them.

Tom Comeau Lcdr. USN Retired


Thanks for your most outstanding example.

Submitted Very Respectfully, Orval Windham

Supply Branch
USA 011-49-631-4138113
Germany 0631-4138113
DSN 484-8113
NIPR orval.windham@hq.21tsc.army.mil
SIPR Orval.Windham@21tsc.army.smil.mil


J. Gocht sends...
Vietnam 1962-1963...
US Army Special Forces
A213, A232, A234, PD2, southeast Asia 1962-1966...


With a great full heart and much love for a cousin who served in Vietnam and one lost in Iraq.

Pat Williams


Damned fine men! All of them. God bless you guys


Col. Robert L. Howard:
Thank you, sir, for bravery in a very unpopular war. It is men and women like you who need to be held up as heroes as opposed to the celebrities of today. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your patriotism and service to the greatest country the world has ever known!
J. T. Mohon


Manuel Bettencourt, LtCol, USAF Retired
Phan Rang, RVN 1969-1970


SFC Dennis Barney Ret.
10th SFG(A)
De Oppresso Liber


Neil, First let me compliment you on the update of the web, outstanding work as usual. I wanted to thank COL Howard for being the guest speaker at our banquet coming up in Branson, MO. in June. Unfortunately I can not make the trip.

However I'll be there in spirit, knowing, as always he will mesmerize the audience with his wisdom and wit. I also wanted to say it's an honor knowing that he was the last Commander of our unit when they de-reactivated it in Ft Benning, GA so the members of C Co (Abn Rgr), 75th Inf, 1/29th Inf, could help fill the ranks of the newly formed 1st and 2nd Bn, 75th Rangers.

Last but not least, not many people are aware of the fact that even though they also de-activated A & B Co (Abn Rgr) 75th Inf., It was the lineage from our unit C Co (Rgr) 75th Inf (A) First Field Force Vietnam, that was given to the 1st Bn 75th Rangers when they were activated in Oct, 1974. This was an honor for us also, since out of the possible 14 different 75th Ranger Companies in Vietnam, ours was chosen for the lineage of the new generation of Rangers.


1SG Joey "Brasso" Welsh USA RET
E Co (LRP) 20th Inf (A) &
C Co (RGR) 75th Inf (A)
Assoc Inc.


Southeastern Veteran Center
Thank you for serving and God Bless you all!



I served under Col Howard in Germany HHC VII Corps. After 20 years service I can say Col Howard was the best commander I ever had. I have ran into him a few times here in San Antonio and it is always a pleasure.

Byron G. (maddog) Howard Sr. SSG USA RET


Hooray for these great men who have not been recognized by society as truly great. I feel these great acts of courage are not made public because unless you have a son or daughter in the military do you fully recognize their importance. Especially now that the men & women are there on a voluntary basis fighting for our freedom, the very freedom that some people do not truly understand the great meaning of.

I submit this proudly as the mother of an Air Force Major-Select who graduated from college & DID NOT have to choose a military career but did so because he is willing to fight for what he believes to be his rights as an American.

M Zimmerman
Texas City, Texas


I served in country at CCC Kontum, deployed from the 82nd Airborne, at Ft. Bragg. Most of my time was spent in the commo bunker sending field reports to Saigon, or on mountain top radio relay sites. I watched the teams come and go. I didn't get to know too many guys personally, but knew of their heroics. 1969 was a busy time, when I left I was told in my debrief, that I was never there so to speak, which makes it tough to convince the VA, that I was. Like anyone else that was there ,it was an honor to serve with some of the bravest heroes since WWII.

Bill Walden


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