My assault Helicopter Company-189th Ghostriders-supported FOB-2 and Prairie Fire/Omega Dec. '67-Oct. 68. The SOG Teams were composed of the bravest and the best soldiers I worked with in 31 years as a soldier.

Bill Fraker, COL. USA, FA, DSC


I was privileged to meet Colonel Robert L. Howard as he visited me and my troops here in Arifjan, Kuwait. I just wanted to leave a note to say thanks for the honor he bestows on his country on a daily basis. Not only did he serve his country in uniform but he continues to do so as a retired hero. He is the best of what America has to offer and I am proud to have shaken his hand. I only hope that my service to my country lives up to Veterans of his stature.
While I spoke with Col. Howard I discussed with him that my Soldiers and I had the unique honor of serving as the Honor Guard for the Burial of LTC Ernest ("Chief") Childers, the last living Medal of Honor recipient from Oklahoma. I have enclosed a few pictures from that day of honor for us.

APO AE 09366


Col Robert L. Howard:

Thanks for everything you did and done!!

Heard of you from Special Forces MSG (Ret.) Kenny Gardner, Past Commander, Past American Post Commander, and presently Senior Vice Commander of VFW Post 3283, 5810 South Williamson Road, Port Orange , FL, 32128. He was with you in Kontun, South Vietnam during 1966-1967, and 1970-1971.

God Bless

For God and Country

Jorge A. Del Manzano
MSG (Ret.) US Army





Leanna (Freeland) Efaw

Leanna Efaw

Support Contractor
Systems Engineer II
Department of Defense Biometrics Fusion Center
347 West Main Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301
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Fax: 304.326.6158
Mail to: leanna.efaw@dodbfc.army.mil


Gary R. Reusze, Crown Point IN. 46307



One hell of a great website, I found it to be some great reading on those
people that were awarded the MOH.

I am a current member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with 30 years + service, also come from a military family, Father was with the second Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV).

Look forward to reading more.


M. Sullivan
Parachute Training School
Naval Air Station
NSW 2540

Ph: (02) 4424 2108
Mob:0409 322 089
Fax: 4421 5107



As a young Army Officer, I once met Bob Howard. I had heard so much about him that I think I suffered from "hero worship" to a great extent. He embodied the soldier that I wanted to be. I think I was a little dumb founded at the meeting, and for him I'm sure, it was a forgettable experience. However, the meeting had a lasting impression on me.

I'm now an old retired soldier. But I think it's essential that our young soldiers have the opportunity and honor of meeting our national heroes, our national treasures, like Bob Howard. God bless him.

Tom Milam

Senior Analyst, Information Operations
Special Operations Command-Pacific
Box 64046
Camp Smith HI 96861-4046

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Reading the accounts of Col. Howard and the men he served with is awesome and inspiring. One can only wonder where we would all be today without men like him. One of my favorite quotes is attributed to George Orwell who supposedly said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf" I want to thank the men and women who have provided the freedom that we enjoy today.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Sgt. Matt Cawthon
Texas Ranger Co. "F"
Waco, Texas


What a damned nice site! This is a good tribute to a great American! RIP Brother!

Blue Skies My Friends!
Stay dry, warm and Safe!

Bubba Hamm
HM: (352) 597-3917
Cell: (352) 584-6494
WEEKI WACHEE, FL 34613-5213


I served as a soldier with Col. Howard in Germany in the 1980's. He
was the Special Troops Battalion Commander for HHC VII Corps and
other units at Kelly Barracks. The position had long been held by AG
branch Officers and then LTC Howard was brought in to do the obvious.
He cleaned house and brought up the standards-- way up. It was
obvious that he wasn't just doing a job but loved Soldiers.

I had an unusual job in the Army-- that of a Photographer (84B). In
my time I got to work around and with every rank from Private to 4-
Star General and every branch of service-- in the field and at
Garrison. At VII Corps G3 TASC Photo we supported the Corps HQ, it's
Divisions, Brigades, Communities and Commands. Handled everything
from classified war plans to grip & grins for hometown news release.
We also supported US European Command across town at Patch Barracks.  At large events and in small settings. Previous to that I held a
similar position at Fort Campbell in support of the 101st Airborne
Division. Otherwise, I have worked with and for about every variety
of soldier there is. I cannot think of a finer soldier than Colonel

Kelly Barracks is a long way from Vietnam and HHC VII Corps a long
way from Special Operations Command, but due to the rather unique
nature of my job I have at least tasted the full palate of our Army.
I have served in enough places and situations to identify and
appreciate a superior soldier, warrior and leader. I met, worked with
and served with many fine people during my time in the service. Col
Howard was the finest Officer I ever had the honor to serve with or

David Gregory


A very nice tribute to an excellent leader and mentor. I had the opportunity to be "inspired" by the then Major Howard as a new wanna be SF troop when he took over the new SF training program. Many fond memories that last until this day.

Chet Sutphen
ODA 591/594


This was out standing. As a retired US Army soldier, and proud to known this. It a shame I had to find this through a friend not a news paper or magazine. If only the American people showed a little more heart to the VN soldiers. Again thanks.

Ronald S. Haskell

2362 Buford St.
Centerville, MO 63633
573-648-2509 home
618-979-1431 cell


It is terrible that our media does not print wonderful things like this.

Irene Davis


Edward K. Miller D550L SOG 64 & 69-70


Thanks men! Without men like you freedom would not have a meaning. More words would be useless. Thank you.

Ralph Turbyfill


Wilfred L. Bolduc Jr., E-7 U.S.Army Retired
served Viet Nam with 11 Armored Cav.


This is a great web site and a wonderful tribute to the man it honors.

I wish everyone, especially Americans, could learn the difference between “role models” and “heroes” and then use the terms correctly. Colonel Robert L. Howard is both a role model and a hero. He is a role model for all Americans to emulate for putting his fellowmen before himself; for completing the mission assigned to him; and for proudly representing his nation with dignity throughout much of the world. His valor in battle while serving his country richly entitles him to be referred to as a hero. I consider myself lucky just to have served in the same branch of service as Colonel Howard.

Thank God for Colonel Howard and others like him who have served this great nation in the past; who serve this nation as he did in the present; and for so many more who will step up and ask to serve like him in the future.

I would be honored to one day meet him and to shake his hand.

Joey V. Thurman
US Army (1960 – 1966)


I am very proud to have served with Col Howard (then SFC). His exploits are well documented now but even then we, who served with him, were in awe of his skill and bravery in the field.

Ron Gravett
69, 10 RT KY


A beautiful tribute to a True American Hero. Is it not amazing how humble our real heroes are. Bill Radtke, SFA D-996


Thanks for creating this site.

Raymond Wickel, formerly with the 7th SF 1960-1964 Member
SFA M-6994


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