John T. Hollis


Colonel Howard,

It is an extreme honor for me to sign this book. Our country is the best in the world because of men like you. Thank God we still have men who are willing to put themselves in harms way to help keep our country safe. I am proud to have served my country, and would have been proud to have served with you. Thank you for your magnificent service to our country.

God bless,
Gene Kennedy




Thomas L. Anderson


Col. Howard;

I had the privilege to serve with you in Stuttgart, Germany at Headquarters VII Corps from 1985 to 1987.

I know you do not remember me, I was a little PFC f-up when I was under your command. One day I was caught sleeping in a Chevy Blazer, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Carl Rogers vehicle no less. I was brought to your office, where you let me have it. WOW, I had never had my butt chewed like that before. I have to say I was truly scared.

I wish I could say that was the point that I turned my life around and became a dedicated soldier, but that did not happen. I always thought of you as a father figure for me, since my father died in 1983. Whenever I was 'stepping on it' I thought of Col Howard, and what he would have said to me.

I am proud of my service to my country and very proud to have met a Hero to America like Colonel Robert L. Howard. The man we called Lt. Col. Flattop; he never let his 'top get longer than an 1/2" longer than the last 'top.

I have decided that I would go back to college and work with those who need help, children and teenagers.

Thanks again Colonel Howard, all life's best,

Bryan S. Gwinner
Portland Parks and Recreation, Sports Office
bryan.gwinner@ci.portland.or.us or slye_bry@hotmail.com


You will be remember by those that count. I was inspired by this website. When you look up the word "hero", your name should appear. Thank you for your sacrifices', I served by country the best I could, 69-70, Tay Ninh, Provience, Vietnam, 1st CAV Division. it was men like you that made sure I got to return home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

Doyle R. Coppinger
Systems Office, DAFS
Defense Agencies Indianapolis Operation


Bob, I shall forever remain humbled by your personal courage and war experience!

- Laz.
SFC Lazar K. Lazarov, III USA (Ret.)
Once upon a time a "Charlie Ranger" - C/75, IFFV


It is with honor that I was able to learn about such an American hero as Robert, I thank you for his site.
Ron Holz, 4TH.INF.DIV. Vietnam 66/68


Yea, I remember when. Kontum, "business" trip to Tai Chung. Pleasantly dealt with you a few times when I was camp engineer, and you were 1st sgt Recon Co. Understand you being instrumental in making SF a career field for Army officer corps. Though unheralded, that might be your greatest accomplishment. After all is said and done, "Live heroes ARE the best kind".
My best,
Paul Morris
Team Texas 1-1 (when "Pappy" Webb was 1-0) mid '68 to early '69; then camp engineer, with and after Bill Boyle


Thank you. Your Medal of Honor commemoration inspires me when I need to be reminded of what true character is about.

Joe Cross




Vietnam Vet 69-70, 1st Cav Division, Tay Nien.

Doyle R. Coppinger
Systems Office, DAFS
Defense Agencies Indianapolis Operation


Hello Robert:

I remember sitting and talking with you about your experiences in my folks kitchen a few years ago. Time changes many things but I wish you all the best and most of all Welcome Home.

Gordan Van Alstine
I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.
Robert Brault


I can not find the words to express my gratitude to all the
braves of this BIG NATION.
Freedom is not free.

Maura Ferreira



Really liked looking at the site and the heroes of war. Hope you are all doing well.

Jim Stewart

Read 'THE GHOST OF VIETNAM', my just published book and winner of the Military Writers Society Associations Distinguished Honor Award/2005. For more details visit my website at www.geocities.com/militarypoliceofvietnam


Enjoyed looking at your site, Terry. Looks like you walked over a lot of ground, footsteps that many men could not have made.



Great Site. Thank you for opening my eyes!

Harold Gornitz


Add Richard and Pat Mcgrady to guest book.


William A Dolinger


I think it is a great honor to show patronage to our great heroes from the past and present. Thank you for a job well done.



If you read any of these messages I would sure like to hear from you. Last time I talked to you was while you were at the VA hospital in Texas. My e-mail is wkendall@netins.net. The easiest way you might remember me is you and I use to crawl around on the metal PSP out there on the landing pad and also run up down the road outside the camp. Can also say I wrote one of the eye witness statements for one of your awards in Oct-Nov 68.
The other thing I am very proud of. I am the one that designed and had the Medal of Honor flag made. Representative Tom Latham and Senator Charles Grassley sponsored the bill for it through Congress in 2002 and it became part of the Congressional Record on 24 June 2002, pages H3834-H3839. In all of my interviews I always mentioned you along with COL Donlon since I knew both of you.

Again would sure like to hear from you

Bill Kendall 1SG Retired


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