I am proud to sign this book for Bob. I served with him at Kontum in 1968 and 1969. During Oct and Nov of 1968 I worked with him on an operation in which I tried to drop resupplies into him and his hatch team force. Didn't work. Ended up having to land them by King-Bee (H-34) being flown by "Cowboy". We took many hits in doing so but got the supplies to him and took out several wounded a dead. Cpt Brubaker was one of them. Thought he had died but found out later he was still alive. Bob if you are out there would sure like to hear from you.

Bill Kendall
1005 North West
Jefferson, Iowa 50129


I never had the honor of meeting Col. Howard personally, however, it is an honor for me to know that I served in a unit that he once commanded, Charlie Company 75Th Inf. Airborne Rangers. Men like Col. Howard are what inspire us to always be the best that we can be. He is the epitome of a soldier, a warrior, a man, one of America's greatest heroes. I salute you Sir!

Jerry 'Rocky' Stone
Charlie Company 75th Inf. Airborne Rangers
Vietnam 1969-70

For those who fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.
All gave some, some gave all.


173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep)
"C" Co. 75th Airborne Rangers
Vietnam 1967 - 1970
American Legion PATRIOT GUARD


I met COL Howard while going through the 18D course in Ft. Sam in 1991 at which time he told me I was too little to be an SF guy. He had me stand up and nailed me one right there in Bettys’. HA. Anyways – as one who has always respected my Elders – I ignored him (thought it hurt like hell – good wallop for an old guy – OH and it was another week before I told him I was already SF qualified) and we actually became buddies over several months. When the war broke out – he said he was taking me with him. I definitely considered that an Honor. Sometime during our friendship we exchanged COINS – so COL Bob Howard has my original SF Coin.

COL Howard is quite the man – and definitely been a great honor to meet and befriend such a man during my lifetime.

Bart R. Heimsness
E-7/SFC US Army Retired Special Forces
Weapons and Medical NCO


CW4 Gregory R. Owens


I was privileged to have met Colonel Howard while serving as a Ranger Instructor in the 1970s. I later crossed paths with him when I served in the 1st Ranger Battalion. Colonel Howard was a true American Hero, a Warrior, a Leader, an example of Courage and Honor.

God Speed Colonel Howard. RLTW. John Kendall

John R. Kendall
Security Manager
Black & Veatch


We need many more Hero's like these valiant men. Without them our country would not be as free as it is now. Way to go Men! I'm glad there is now a book informing everyone of their sacrifice and dedication for their country.

Virginia E. Mckellips


Fantastic men do a fantastic job.

Danny L. Fowler
Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
APO-AE 09333
De Oppresso Liber


Great Site, thank you and God Bless our fellow soldiers and Heroes!
Van Peterson




Thank you for such a great web site. It does my heart good to remember the generation before me and the service they provided to our country.

David C. Beach
CW4 Retired
USSF 1980-2003


It is with honor that I sign Col. Howard's guestbook. He was my commanding officer in the C. Co 2/75th Inf Rangers when I first went into the service and the Rangers. Fine officer and gentleman!
Hooah RLTW Steven M. Cornelius
C Co Rangers 2/75th Inf 75-77


Colonel Bob Howard is a friend and a brother Ranger, he is one of the greatest warriors and commanders this country has ever produced.

Steve Mattoon


Drilling reservist, JAC / JRISE @ Ft. Gillem, GA, supporting HQ USEUCOM.

I'm just so much in awe that words would fail me. I only hope that I'm one-tenth the individual that the colonel is, should the time of testing come.

Dale G. Simmons


I'm glad to know about these warriors.

Gregg Nybo
Rockton, Illinois


I met Col Howard at the mata mile (Ft Bragg) in 1983. I didn't know who he was, just that he had a good pace going and I ran with him for about three miles. I later found out who he was by some friends of mine. He never talked about his exploits in southeast Asia and neither did I. We became pretty good PT buddies. He was definitely hard as wood pecker lips. I hope he is alive and well I wish him the best.
Donald R. Sexton, CW4 United States Army Special Forces,1974-present


I too served in the war in or off shore aboard most of the Navy carriers. My highest respect goes to those who served in these SOG units and to men like Robert Howard, I can not say enough. I trust that we didn't fight that war in vain.

Norman Landweer AMHC Ret


After Reading Mr Plaster's (Plasticman) book, I was just impressed by the nature of COL Howard, and how he wanted to go back into the field with his fellow CCN troops. Its his honor, courage and professionalism that is beholden to the people of the US, that understand that it takes a "special" person to do the things that he and his fellow vets have done or did in VN. It's an honor to have read that book, and to have found out about COL Howard and his merry band of brothers.

SSG Martin Gray


James M. Northam
U.S.Navy Seabees
Danang, Viet Nam, 1968-69

Currently residing: Corpus Christi, Tx.

I wish I could get the opportunity to meet Mr. Howard and shake his hand. There's not enough people in the world like him. I read Plasters book and he spoke very highly of Mr. Howard.



Thank you for keeping honor alive. I served with Det. A-502, Co E (LRP) and Co C (Rngr). Was in Co A (Rngr) at Benning in '69 & '70.

Daniel Pope
President Emeritus
Co E (LRP) & Co C (Rgr) Assoc., Inc.


Neil, Once again on behalf of the entire unit, we are honored to be on COL Howard's (MOH) links page. I received a message from him today and he really cleared up what happened when CO C 75th Inf (Abn Rgr) was assigned to the 197th Inf at FT. Benning , GA in 73-74 time frame since he was the Company Commander of the unit.

We were deactivated in Oct 71, then somewhere along the way, with very few people knowing about it we were re-activated in Ft Benning, so I think having our web site on there is not only nice for us, but since he was the Company Commander, it'll be good for people to know.

Thanks Again



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