Sgt dennis l. bolin. Was with c company rangers, 1/29 ft benning ga. 1973-feb 1975


I served with Bob Howard at CCC, RVN in 71. He is one of the great Warriors that can look in the mirror every morning and say:"HELL, I WAS THERE."

Frenchy Lafon


Good man. Good SF operator. He shall be remembered.

CSM Jose E. Vasquez, USA, Retired.
Harlingen, TX


Having served a couple of tours in Vietnam, with the 5th Marines, I am fully appreciative of the extraordinary quality of the men who served within SOG. They have my undying respect and admiration.
Bob Howard is one of the special few, an American hero of mythical proportions, who's exploits are even more astounding when one realizes that they are true.
He, and the others like him, should be names known to every person in America. It is America's shame that such men are largely unrecognized.

Richard Montgomery
Mike Company
3rd Batt/5th Marines
RVN '67-'69


It was my honor and privilege to serve under the command of the Lt Col Howard at US VII Corps, Stuttgart, Germany from 1985-1987.

David J Sanek, CWO 3
USA, Ret.


They all should be so recognized.

Robert Provenzano


Great site! Although I have never met Bob, I knew of the boys from CCC. Used to run into Zabitosky once in a while at 22 Lei Loi in Danang.

Tim Kirk
ST Idaho
C&C North FOB#1


I am proud to sign this guestbook for a hero. I served in Kontum from April 1967 – 1968 as an advisor and was honored to serve with men like COL Howard.

LTC (Ret) Joel F.Thomas, US Army


I first met SFC Howard at FOB 2 Kontum in late May 1967. I was a
young ex SF EM and 6 month old 2d LT. SFC Howard was working as the supply Sergeant probably because no one else would take the job or maybe he was waiting for a team job to open up. Even as the supply Sergeant and in the presence of the likes of Mad Dog, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Bull Dog Smith he was impressive as a quiet, humble, and dedicated professional.

Mike Hopkins
LTC Retired
US Army Infantry Special Forces


It is an honour to have the opportunity to pay tribute to these brave and noble men. For all their sacrifices and courageous actions. For those who made it to the LZ and for those that didn't. May heaven hold a place for them always.

D'Arcy Sloan,
Bradford, Ontario, Canada.


Sir, I was privileged to have known Franklin Miller and wrote to him many times, and was very fortunate to meet him at SOAR the year before he passed on. Yes your Medal of Honor recipients are and were, and are true heroes who must be always remembered.
Paul Duffy [Who Dares Wins]


I had the distinct honor of serving in CCC when Col. (then SFC.) Howard was pending the MOH. When I first saw him I was awed by that rock jaw and huge chest. I remember thinking "that's what I want to look like when I grow up". I was certain that bullets bounced off that chest. He went out on my first training mission though he wasn't supposed to. I've never felt as honored as those few days that I got to watch and learn from the Master.
Col. Howard, Sir, you are amazing. You remain a constant source of inspiration even after all these years. Thank you. May peace be with you.
Thom Patten





Served with Bob in the Mountain Ranger Camp from 1976-1978.
Best regards, Hilario Monreal “All the Way, Sir”


In 1981 I attended Phase 1 training at Camp McCall, at that time Major Robert Howard was the Camp Commander. I still can see him in my mind. He had a look that just went right through you. But he was also a very nice man just to talk too. I believe I would have followed him to hell if need be. I will always remember him and wish him well.


Although I have never met COL Howard, I have an unusual bond that until today I did not know existed. My uncle, 1LT James R. Jerson, whom is also the man I was named after (as my father and he were best friends, hence how my parents came to know each other), was the platoon leader COL Howard so valiantly attempted to save the day he earned his Medal of Honor. For many years, the pain of my uncle's death stayed with my grandmother, and the inability of her to discuss it, and therefore anyone in my family, kept the history of my uncle's passing a clouded secret. Other family problems created rifts between my other uncle and the family as well, but recently, those rifts have been mended, and the dialogue has been reopened with many things. I don't know why today (with the technology being what it is these days, the information is readily available on the internet), was the day I decided to learn a little more about my uncle, but it just happens that way sometimes.

All I can say, as a current member of the Armed Forces, and someone whom has had the military in my family all my life (my father served till his retirement, my uncle served the Navy, my brother joined as an infantryman for a short stint, and as stated, I still serve), it comforts me and provides me with great joy to know that my uncle, in the last moments of his life, was cared for and helped by such a great American.

From the Jerson, and now Edwards family, I say thank you to COL Howard.

CPT James S. Edwards
United States Army


What an honor to visit this great web site. Thanks for making it available!

Please take a moment and visit my web site, The Other Casualty Of War at http://home.comcast.net/~paulbylin/index.html

Welcome home!

Paul Bylin
Author: The Other Casualty Of War


I would truly love to meet this great soldier. I cannot believe that we have not heard of this man's actions. He deserves every bit as much acclaim as any WWII hero.

Donald T Duke, Maj, USAF (Ret)
14th Special Ops Wing
Nha Trang, RVN
1967 - 68


Sitting in the compound, killing time, waiting for the next manifest call. I find this. First knew the man as XO 2-75 INF, then again at Ranger School (really dating myself). Nothing but the highest respect for COL Howard, consider myself privileged for having had the opportunity to serve in the same Army with him. Time to head for the loading dock, Charlie Mike.

Charles D. Loftis
Ft Bragg, NC (1981 till ????)


In listening to a recent compilation of Berachah Church lessons on freedom through military victory.... Colonel Howard was the guest speaker at a fourth of July celebration there. I was so thrilled about him that I put his name in the search engine and found your site!!!! It is really wonderful and I am so proud to be an American!!
Thank you, Melanie T. Proffitt


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