Each print is 20 x 24 inches and contains the names of all of the MACVSOG’s Medal of Honor (MOH) recipients and the original signatures of the five surviving MACVSOG MOH recipients:
Col Robert L. Howard, US Army Special Forces, CCC, Hatchet Force Rescue (Most decorated serviceman in U.S. History, submitted for the MOH three times in 13 months and appearing on the cover of the Green Beret Magazine October 1969)
Col James P. Fleming, US Air Force 20th Special Operation Squadron’s Green Hornet for rescuing RT Chisel, CCS, from imminent annihilation.
Lt Michael E. Thornton, US Navy SEAL, STDAT, for saving the life of Lt Thomas Norris a CMH recipient (The only time in US History when a recipient is awarded a MOH for saving the life of another CMH recipient).
Lt Thomas R. Norris, US Navy SEAL, STDAT, for the famed 4 day “Bat 21” rescues of two downed pilots. Six months later, he sustained a near-fatal head wound in action and was rescued by his fellow Navy SEAL, Michael Thornton.
SGM Jon R. Cavaiani, US Army Special Forces, CCN, for his two day defense of Radio Relay Site Hickory. He was captured during the battle and was a Prisoner of War (POW) in North Vietnam for 1 year and 8 months.
Upper Left: Lt George Sisler, FOB 2, Hatchet Force was Killed in Action (KIA) in Feb 1967 during a bomb damage assessment (BDA). He was the first MACVSOG Medal of Honor recipient and the first intelligence officer ever to receive the MOH.
Lower Left: Major Larry A. Thorne was lost, Missing in Action (MIA), on MACVSOG's first mission, 18 October 1965. A native of Finland, he was a recipient of the Finnish Mannerheim Cross, the equivalent of the US Medal of Honor, while serving in the Finnish Army against Russia during WWII. His remains were recovered in Laos 37 years after being declared Missing in Action.
Right Center: On strings, during a STABO extraction in 1968, are SFC Walter Hawley, SFC Agostino Chiarello, and SFC Clifford Roberts.
Bottom Center: At Kham Duc, RVN, a Special Forces “A” camp, on the Vietnam-Laotian border, and a MACVSOG training and launch site, Recon Team Iowa stands in front of a Vietnamese H-34, “King Bee”, helicopter prior to the launch of MACVSOG’S first mission on October 18, 1965.
Top Left: SFC Jim “Halo” Smith; 4th from left, top, One Zero (10), Team Leader, SGM Charles L. “Slats” Petry, and bottom left SFC Steven W. Comerford.
Upper Right: The Radio Rely Site “Leg Horn” located in Laos.
Lower Right: A Navy SEAL Recon Team.


Certificate of Authenticity accompanying the print certifying that each signature on the print is original.