The Medal of Honor Flag

The Medal of Honor Flag, honoring the 3400 recipients of the medal, was designed by William L. (Bill) Kendall of Jefferson, Iowa. Bill spent his entire military career from 1954-1974 in the U.S. Army Special Forces and served three tours with MACV-SOG in Vietnam.

The flag, which is presented to recipients of the Medal of Honor, was sponsored through Congress by Representative Tom Latham and Senator Charles Grassley in 2002.  It became part of the Congressional Record on 24 June 2002 and approved by President George W. Bush in October 2002.

The thirteen white five-pointed stars are arranged as on the current Medal of Honor ribbon. The original flag design by Bill Kendall shown in the photos below was altered by the Institute of Heraldry - removing the words "Medal of Honor" along with adding a gold border.

Bill Kendall at left, Sen. Tom Latham at right, with Medal of Honor Flag in Washington D.C.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Kendall)


Col Roger Donlon (MOH) at left, holding Medal of Honor Flag with Bill Kendall at right.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Kendall)


L to R: Special Forces MOH recipients Gary Beikirch and Roger Donlon, with Bill Kendall in N.C.
(Photo courtesy of Bill Kendall)


(Newspaper article courtesy of Bill Kendall)

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