The surrounded team in heavy contact mentioned in this newspaper article was a SOG Hatchet Force company from CCC which had inserted into The Bra area in Laos. SFC Bob Howard was among those who volunteered for the mission. This action is described in detail on pages 219-224 of John Plaster's book 'SOG The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam'.  The resupply helicopter was flown by the heroic Vietnamese Kingbee pilot known as "Cowboy".  As mentioned in the article below, SFC Bill Kendall was awarded the Air Medal for Heroism. Regarding the award of the Distinguished Service Cross, he writes "I had no idea what happened to the recommendation, if there was one ever sent forward".

For his actions on the ground, Bob Howard was recommended for the Medal of Honor but the award was downgraded to a Silver Star.

(Newspaper article courtesy of Bill Kendall)